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Cloud-Roam Package : A Very Smart Telecom Idea for Travellers.

Traveling abroad? With your mobile phone?

  • When you do so, your mobile roams onto another operator's network.
  • You get billed extra for all incoming-outgoing Calls and SMS.
  • Your home operator charges about 0,90 €- 5,50 € per call (depending on the country you currently are).
  • Sometimes the mobile roaming cost exceeds the cost of the Trip!!!!

Roaming Costs a Fortune!!!

You Can get rid of roaming cost once and for All

Using our Package with the 3G Cloud-Roam Sim Card you avoid being billed extra while travelling abroad. Put a STOP to roaming cost and feel FREE to Talk with everyone / everytime / everywhere.

Special Mobile Solution for Incoming/Outgoing - Calls /SMS and DATA on the GO